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Is Pet shop a good Business?


Definitely, pet shop is a good business. if you are considering to start a pet shop, I suggest you start right away. why?

People get more wealthy

The fact is, now people around the world get more wealthier before than ever. Even if pandemic strike us badly, but on the overall our economy was raised up.

It doesn't mean that now no more poverty on our world, it still exist, what i mean is in general. If all worth in the world can be sum, it should be get the greater value than before.

Caring pet is rich people things, or at least the people who are not think to fed their family anymore. Pet is tertiary need, if there such as 4th needs, it should.

So the logic is, the more people become wealthy, the more people trying to having pet on their houses.


LGBT community, biological couldn't have kids. Even if right now there are methods to do artificial fertilization, right now it still not on affordable price.

So the Gay or the lesbian who couldn't "create" a child, obviously they caring pet as an complement of their child. It common happens.

By writing this, it doesn't mean I am supporting LGBT, for me (Moslems), LGBT is wrong, and the states were firm on our faith.

High Margin

Combining those 2 reasons, buying power is good, and caring pet is a need. So it should be people will not price sensitives for buying pet things, such food, accessories, medical care and so on.

So it will be high margin business, theoretically, high margin business who succeed, will be more expansive than other business. Of course, you get more margin, you can get more inventory, you can get more marketing budget, you can do more retain earning from you operation income. which is it very good..


So Pet Shop is a GOOD BUSINESS.. Me my self also starting petshop in Indonesia.

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