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Australia Award Scholarship 2024: Essay Response Examples

If you read this, I believe you and me on the race for the Australia Awards Scholarship prize. Here is my final draft before I submitting this to the application, I hope you can find this helpful. Good luck for us, wish me accepted, and so are you.

Essay 1: Why did you choose your proposed course and institution?

As a full-time businessman over the past nine years, I have observed the business landscape dramatically transform. Now, in 2024, the pace of change is unprecedented, making adaptive strategies more crucial than ever. In this context, pursuing an MBA is not a luxury but a necessity.

A blessing in disguise, I recognized the crucial role of financial acumen in navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. An MBA should equip me with vital skills through rigorous exposure to real-world business cases and best financial practices. Hopefully, within six months of graduation, I will be able to implement what I have learned and conduct a comprehensive, 360-degree evaluation of my operations.

I am considering an MBA at Monash University and the University of Western Australia (UWA) for the following reasons:

Monash University is particularly appealing because of its influential alumni, who have made significant impacts in their fields and greatly inspired me. Notable among them are Prof. H. Boediono, B.Sc., M.Ec., Ph.D., who has revolutionized Indonesia’s financial landscape, and Justin Sung, a productivity YouTuber whose insights I regularly engage with. Furthermore, having Monash’s campus in my hometown in Indonesia would facilitate sustained community connections and provide ample networking opportunities.

The University of Western Australia is equally compelling, primarily due to its association with the founders of Canva. As a daily user and ardent admirer of Canva, I value the simplicity and effectiveness of their products. Canva’s success story serves as a modern blueprint for entrepreneurial ventures in technology and design, providing daily inspiration and practical case studies.

In conclusion, taking an MBA is a must for me, and these institutions are not just educational platforms; they are ecosystems that will enhance my business acumen and strategic capabilities, fundamentally shaped by global best practices and local market insights.

Essay 2: What impact do you believe this study will have on your career, life and community?

Pursuing an advanced degree through the Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) will undoubtedly have a transformative impact on my career, life, and community. This opportunity is not merely an academic pursuit, but a process to complete my business endeavor, enhance my connections, and significantly broaden my networking capabilities.

My work ethic has always been robust and unwavering, however, despite my dedication, the tangible outcomes have been limited. Particularly in the last two years, my businesses have encountered severe declines. Engaging with this program will be crucial for rejuvenating my business strategies and helping me navigate through these tumultuous times more effectively.

Despite having several mentors and a reasonably sized operation that impacts up to 50 employees, I believe there is substantial room for growth and improvement. The AAS will not only augment my existing knowledge and skills but also expand my horizons in the entrepreneurial world. This scholarship will serve as a bridge to new opportunities, allowing me to venture beyond familiar markets and explore new possibilities both within and outside Australia.

Upon completing my MBA, I will return to my home country to directly apply the advanced financial strategies I've learned, to enhance my existing businesses. My focus will be on refining financial practices to improve profitability, expand employment, and promote sustainable operations.

Additionally, the global network of entrepreneurs I connect with in Australia will provide insights into the international finance landscape, which is essential for integrating best practices and fostering resilience. This exposure will strengthen my financial acumen, making me a smarter, tougher entrepreneur capable of navigating both local and global markets effectively.

In summary, the Australia Awards Scholarship will enhance my professional and personal growth, allowing me to boost my community's economy and expand my ventures globally.

Essay 3: How have you contributed to solving a challenge or implementing change or reform in the context of one of the AAI priority development areas?

Over the past nine years, I have spearheaded ventures in apparel sales and YouTube channel management, aligning with key AAI priority areas: Economic Recovery and SME Development. At their peak, my businesses employed up to 50 people, significantly contributing to local employment. However, we have recently faced a downturn, necessitating a reduction in our workforce to 10 essential members. Despite these challenges, we have managed to maintain core operations and continue to support our economic ecosystem through both direct and indirect employment.

Our resilience has ensured self-sufficiency, allowing us to persist in supporting not only our employees but also local vendors and nearby businesses. Although our impact has been modest, it is palpable and deeply valued within the community.

In addition to my apparel business, I manage a YouTube channel with 20,000 subscribers. This platform has been instrumental in extending my influence, where I share insights on effectively managing small businesses based on my personal experiences. The content is designed to educate and assist emerging entrepreneurs by providing practical advice and promoting sustainable business practices. This endeavor not only enhances my contributions to economic recovery and SME development but also disseminates motivational and educational material that strengthens the entrepreneurial ecosystem more broadly. Through these channels, I am committed to fostering a community that encourages continuous learning and improvement among small business owners.

I am optimistic that pursuing an MBA as an AAS awardee will equip me with the critical insights and strategies needed to navigate and surmount our current challenges. This advanced education would significantly refine our operational strategies and broaden our impact, further solidifying my commitment to economic development and SME support.

Essay 4: Please provide three practical and realistic examples of how you intend to use the knowledge, skills and connections you will gain from your scholarship on your return to Indonesia. Possible tasks can be personal and/​or professional.

Upon returning to Indonesia after my scholarship, I plan to apply the knowledge, skills, and connections gained to enhance economic and educational outcomes through targeted initiatives in my businesses and broader community engagement.

Firstly, I will utilize my refined financial management skills to improve standard reporting and analytical practices within my own business ventures. This will involve using sophisticated financial analysis to guide strategic decisions, optimizing profitability and operational efficiency. The application of these advanced techniques is crucial for nurturing growth and ensuring the sustainability of my business activities in Indonesia.

Secondly, I aim to launch a business that leverages the cost-effective manufacturing environment in Indonesia and the potential market in Australia. By producing affordable apparel locally and marketing it in Australia at competitive prices, this venture will not only stimulate economic benefits through job creation but also enhance bilateral trade relations.

Thirdly, as a content creator with approximately 23k subscribers on my YouTube channel, which focuses on business education, I will promote the Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) and share the academic insights I gain. This will not only increase the visibility of the AAS but also encourage more Indonesians to explore educational opportunities abroad. If accepted into Monash University, which operates a campus in Indonesia, my channel will serve as a vital link to disseminate knowledge and strengthen educational ties between the two countries.

In conclusion, the scholarship will provide me with the tools to significantly impact my business endeavors and contribute to Indonesia’s socio-economic development. These efforts will also reinforce Indonesia-Australia relations, demonstrating the transformative impact of international education and collaboration.

Essay 5: List any possible constraints you think may prevent you from achieving above tasks.

As I plan to implement the skills and knowledge acquired from my scholarship, several potential constraints might impede the success of my initiatives as outlined in Essay 4. Here are those that have come to my mind:

Firstly, while I aim to enhance financial management within my businesses, adapting sophisticated financial strategies often designed for larger corporations to my smaller-scale enterprises presents significant challenges. The financial models and analytical practices taught may not seamlessly fit the scale and scope of my ventures. Tailoring these techniques to fit a smaller context without losing their effectiveness is critical but difficult.

Secondly, in launching a new venture that produces affordable apparel for the Australian market, I face hurdles related to the complexities of international trade laws, tax regimes, and operational logistics. My limited familiarity with these areas and the challenge of establishing trustworthy partnerships for distribution and logistics in Australia could lead to substantial barriers. These complexities include navigating export-import regulations and compliance with both Indonesian and Australian legal frameworks, which are vital for avoiding financial and legal risks.

Thirdly, my plans to use my YouTube channel as a platform to promote the Australia Awards Scholarship and share educational content depend heavily on audience engagement. The effectiveness of this initiative hinges on producing content that resonates with and retains the interest of my viewers. Failing to engage my audience effectively could reduce the channel’s viewership and limit its impact as a promotional and educational tool.

These constraints highlight the need for careful planning, local expertise, and continuous adaptation of the content and business strategies I intend to deploy upon returning to Indonesia.

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