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New Room for Abang Dipa and Akang Huda

Yesterday was a huge milestone for two of my sons, Abang Dipa & Akang Huda. They have their own bedroom! Not one of each, but 1 bedroom for those two. This plan already in my thoughts for a year I think, I grasp on my believe on Islam that kids on 7 years should have their own bed (room).

This year Abang Dipa is 7 y.o, despite Akang Huda 5 y.o.

In the process to make their room, not so difficult. Me and my wife done it little by little as long it has a progress. The room, previously is my 2nd office in our our house, on the upstairs. For the past 3 months, I didn't have any activity there, in order to make it clean and fresh for my sons.

I think last night was horrible for Abang Dipa, since he called me twice during the night. At the first he shouted call me, I calmed him by went to the room. So we slept together while I hug him, I love you Abang Dipa. On the other side, I saw Akang Huda seems not annoyed at all, he slept well in good manner. good job akang.

It is as I predicted, I didn't expect Abang Dipa will succeed his first night at his own room. So let see another night.

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