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2 Memorable Story in the 7th Habit Book (part 2)

This post is part 2 for this post:

here the 2nd story about "Smug Captain", that I write without read the book. So obviously the detail will be different, but same context.

Great captain with all his crew sailing with confident. Until one time they facing a storm ahead.

On of seaman call the captain, "Capt! one light behind the fog on our course."

"Turn on the radio, tell them to change their course!" captain said..

"This US Navy, please do change your course" a man said..

"No, you have to change your course now" the light replied.

the the captain take the radio, and said: "This is big captain who speak, you must change your course in order give this US Navy ship continue our country mission"

"This is second assistant respond, no you people must change your course right now" the light replied again.

the US Navy captain seems can't hold his anger, "This is US Navy supreme ship! you have to listen!"

"This is Lighthouse!" man on the other side replied..

what a story. It turn our perspective in on second!

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