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2 Memorable Story in the 7th Habit Book

I've read "The 7th Habit for Highly Effective People" once, now I am on progress to re-read this book. What a monumental for me was these 2 stories. I do remember when the first time I read it, then now I read it again then said in my hear "I knew it!".

The story here was extracted from my mind, and I am not copying directly from the book. I just write what I remember..

1. Kids in Subway

In the middle of daily routine of subway, people read paper, listen to the music, or just looking out trough the windows.

Then a father with his children come in to the subway. These children so noisy, they play here and there. They disturbing every single person in the cabin. Everybody were distracted from what they are doing, but not 1 person that really calm and try to sleep of him.

Those children become more and more disturbing..

And then come 1 person that not able to hold his temper come to the children's father and said to him, "please do manner, your children make everyone not comfort here"

then the father answers..
"Oh, I thought so. I am so sorry. I just don't know what to do, their mother just died about an hour ago in Hospital. Maybe, same with me, my kids don't know how to handle their feeling. I am so sorry"

then the temper-man with all the passengers were stunned.....

2. Smug Captain

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