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Hit The Wall

When the last time you hit the wall? not literally of course, but when the last time you realize that you are long enough to stay on your comfort zone?

comfort zone is enemy to whom want to "make a dent, in universe"
Status quo is enemy for all entrepreneurs
Comfort zone and status quo area the same things.

Yesterday I listened to podcast about MSx vs MBA in Stanford. The guest said, that why he chose to gone to MBA Class is because he realized, he never "hit the wall" on those days, even if he had very well paying job for almost 13 years!


Can you imagine that? Have settled job with high paying salary, must be thrown in order to pursuing his MBA? will you do the same?


It took 13 years for him to realize that he got in his comfort zone too long?

So now, I have to more aware about my life, can I set to hit the wall every day? every week? every month?

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