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I am a Free Man

have you ever read Man's Search for Meaning? Have you ever read The 7th Habit for Highly Effective People?

On that books, suggest us to be a free man. The real independent as a person written on those books.

what do you mean?

Free man does not about a man who can travel to any country in the world. Free man does not means that people can do anything in this world.


Free man is about how you choose between stimuli and response. If you always response anything based on your instinct, you are not a free man. If your response against stimuli just follow other people usually done, your not free man.

For example, the story in that books. Is about the author of Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl. He is an Austrian that a real victim oh Holocaust by Nazi. Nazi took his wife and children from him, also Nazi took his "freedom" from him. In the prison of Nazi, Frankl treated like an animal, that you can't imagine before (please read this book, really recommended). Until one day he thought, even if Nazi took everything from him, but not his mind. In his mind, in his thought, Frankl still a free man. He can choose whatever in his mind. So instead of being blasphemy his life in those days, that he can't control, Frankl choose feel happy and follow the "rule". Even if his physic tortured, even if he can't do anything like a normal people, but his mind is freely to choose to think anything.

That's the real definition of free man.

So what about you? do you facing a bad day in you office? you can choose what response you will react.
Are you the most fortuneless person in the world? you can choose what your response about that! either to blasphemy your condition or keep forward and find what the good thing is, and it always be a good thing behind any adversity.

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