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Double or Nothing!

Recently, my main business on declining revenue for the last 4 month. The decrease was destructive enough for out operation, in average we suffer -30% of revenue every month! can you imagine that?

Of course it caused our cashflow, we faced negative cashflow 4 months in a row. in average, IDR 30 million per month, or equivalent about USD2000 per month. negative! Right now we are really under pressure.

I talk to my mentor about this, I told him all the stories. Luckily, me still have some good asset in gold, my mentor said: "Why you have to worry? you still have the gold! double or nothing!"

Oh my god.. what a suggestions. Double or nothing.

For sure, now I am in the middle of anxiety. Even if I sell all my gold to save my business, I am not sure the cash will push our revenue to rebound. So I think, the problem is not about the money, but how we are doing the business. But in order to repair our core value or our business operation will take times, and our payroll couldn't be stopped. That why I need the money.

So far, hypothetically, I think our product were obsolete, the demand wasn't there anymore. So we need more R&D, faster, really need fast. Fast R&D also need money..

Now, while I am writing this post, the gold not sold yet. I am not try to sell it yet. I am not bold enough to take that decision.


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