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How Many Clicks Away?

If you are a UI UX Engineer you must know what the real means "how many clicks away"? This simple idiom, just to illustrate the user's journey. From that particular page, it will take how many clicks until the users fully checkout any kind of your products.


Users wants as simple as possible.. as short as possible. as fast as possible. Also website / apps / platform want exact expectation. Simpler the user journey, means drop rate decrease. Shorter user journey, means lost of purchasing momentum will be decrease.. Faster user journey, makes faster revenue coming in..

The most amazing user journey for me was buying digital books in Amazon website. Only 1-click checkout! cool! Please note, it is from Amazon's website, but if I try it on my Kindle, yes it still 1-click checkout, but because the Kindle is so slow, my experience not really good. But is is fine, when I checked out in their website, the books will available in my Kindle immediately. nice work Amazon..

So how your mindset in order to designing good user experience trough your websites?

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