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4 Tips to Start Reading English Books

If you are not native in English, so am I. But if you want to read English books, it doesn't need to be native to read.

I've been 2 years reading English books by default, I can say I understand 70% the ideas from the books. not 100%. I think it is good enough.

So here are my 4 tips, based on my own experience, how to start reading English books.

1. Having the books

I've been asked by my families and my friends, how could I reading English books? the answer is really easy.. because I have the book!

This is obvious tips, if you want to start English books, you should have the book. If you don't, so how come you start reading English books? ha ha

Nowadays, is really easy to buy English books. Especially for digital book, you can buy it through Amazon or any such a platform like that. You can read through Kindle, Phone, Laptop, PC, Smart TV, anything!

So, finish this read.. then buy English books!

2. Considering your interest and expertise

I suggest you buy or read the books that intersect to your interest or to your expertise, or both.

By doing this, at least you have preliminary sense about the books to make your easier to understand. And of course regarding the vocabulary, I bet you already have bunch of English vocabulary relate to your interest and expertise.

Trust me, it make you easier to read the books.

3. Push your self

Don't try to understand word by word. page by page. If you don't understand any words, keep going! just read the books.. just read the next pages.. just read the next paragraphs.

Remember, the most important you reading the books is your understanding about the book. not the word. So if you understand the context, all be doing well.

By doing keep reading, even if you don't get it on several location of the books, later it will explain on another pages, that maybe more understandable for you.

4. Create your own vocab library

This is extra effort method. When you find any vocabulary that you don't understand, or never heard about it. write it down! Put that on spreadsheet, then find the translation. Better if you put english-to-English definition.

For the first time, you could find hundreds of questionable vocabulary, but trust me, time by time you will getting better then you questionable vocabulary will drop dramatically.

just try!

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