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Speaking Practice #21

again... another attempts of me to improve my English speaking by using voice to text.

Here some words that I miss-pronounced:

the word -- the result

tank --- thanks

made --- met

skirting ---- score thing

chore ---- car

churn out -- turn out

here some part of Leonardo Da Vinci biography book by Walter Isaacson. here the passage from some conlusion of the book. So by this time, I finish of read the book


in the introduction to this book, I suggested that it was an awful to toss around the world genius as if it were a super woman trait, bestowed by heaven and not within the king of my mortals. as I hope you will be by no agree more Leonardo was a genius, one of the few people in history who indisputably deserve or to be more precise on that appellation. yet it is also true that he was a more mortal.

the most obvious evidence that he was human rather than superhuman is dead the trail of project of he left unfinished. among them were a horse model that archers reduced to rubble, and adoration scene and battle moral that were abandoned, fling machine that never flew, thanks that never rolled, a river that was never diverted, and pages of brilliant trade thesis and build up and published. tell me if anything was ever done, he repeat the disc scribbled in Notebook after notebook. tell me tell me tell me tell me if ever I did a thing... tell me if anything was ever met.

of course, the thing he did finish for enough to prove his genius. the Mona Lisa alone does that, let's do all of his are masterpieces as well as his anatomical drawings. but by the end of writing this book, I even begin to appreciate the genius in heron in his design left and executed and masterpieces left unfinished. by score thing the edge of fantasy with his flying machines and water projects and military devices, he envisioned what in no father would invent centuries later. and better if you seem to turn out works that he had not perfected, he sealed his reputation as a genius rather than a master Craftsman but he enjoyed the challenge of conception more than the car off completion.

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