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Speaking Practice #20

 Another attempts to fine-tuning my English speaking..

here are to words that I mistaken to pronounce:

Conceive --> returns to give

Required --> returns require

here the original speech to text result from the book i read, Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson:

all of the plans were going to give with great outdoor spectacles and water begins in mind. the galleries facing the river could serve as to your viewing already as a community in the entire French court, and there are broad steps that gently lead down to the water level. his drawings show small boats parading on the river and on men made legs for aquatic spectacles. he rides next to one.

Leonardo's live long vacation with water suffocious all expects of his plans for Roman and, which feature of variety of aquatic engineering both practical and security. as with the earth, the waterways sort of, both metabolically and in reality, as the veins of the police contacts. Leonardo and region their use for irrigation, Street cleaning, flashing out horse stables, there should be fun things in every plaza he declare. they should be for meals where the water enters the pound and four at the outlet, and this may be done by timing the water above from warranty.

generally had soon expanded his watery dreams to influed the entire region. he envisioned a system of canals that would connect the software to the low rate and Sony reverse, we will get the region, and when it's motion. ever since he had never felt that locks and kennels that damn the water of feeling, he had tried to conclude the flow of water. he failed to do it with his plan for reverting the armor near Florence. no he hoped to succeed and promoting. if the tributary of the Lowry River were turned with its muddy Waters into the river of romantic. it won't forged then the land at waters, make the landfall, supply food to the inhabitants, and serve as navigable can of commerce he wrote.

it was not to be. the project was abandoned in 1519, the year Leonardo died. instead, the king decided to build his new channel at cambod, in the Louisville between on Boise and romantic. they're the ground was less marshy and viewer can also require.

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