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MBA or MFin?

I have goals to get another degree in US.. The main purpose actually is not the title, but I intend to break my family comfort zone to live abroad across the sea. Me and my wife been living in Bandung Indonesia for 32 years! my wife has 3 years experience of work in another city, Tangerang. For me, I have experience as expatriate in Malaysia. But that's not enough.

Still, my own family living in Bandung, our comfort zone. Being majority here. Being safe.. I think, my family need some though challenge to grow.

Back to the subject. I intend to go to school again, I am really obsessed to get MBA in Stanford. Why? Stanford MBA is the best place for businessman right now.

But.. I did my MBA here in Indonesia, recently I doubt that the knowledge I would get there not so difference with what I've got. Moreover, like written above, my main goals is not the study itself..

So right now, I am considering still set goal to go to Stanford, but not for pursuing MBA, MFin instead.

What is MFin? simple. Master of finance

Why finance? I saw great businessman, at the of his career will become a Venture Capital. So obvious, being venture capital required broad skill of business, means being people that invest on businesses is the next level of businessman.

I want to that person, the next level of business-person.

So let see..

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