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Coffee only 10k Rupiahs!

If you are foreign budget-traveler in Indonesia, especially when you in Bandung, I have one suggestion place.. Placed in Setiabudhi Streets, there is one café named TADA COLLECTIVE.

While writing this post, I enjoy this cozy place, with 10k Rupiahs of Coffee! I drink Long Black. Actually I ordered for manual brew V60, but the waitress said it sold out. no problem I thought, then ordering the other menu, it shocking me... Long Black only 10k Rupiahs, or in USD is about 70 cent! it might be, extremely cheap for you..

I've saw a Youtube videos regarding daily life in US, especially in west cost, it said that "coffee-cost" is expensive.. Foreign students prefer to buy or rent dedicated coffee-machine on their rent. Wow. amaze me..

In Indonesia, if you want to drink real coffee, you have to spent about 25k rupiahs. In this case I bought for 10k Rupiah, really cheap.. But if you want to drink some artificial-coffee in sachet, you can buy it everywhere for only 10 cent! Does it make s any sense? That's why I wrote "artificial".. The brand commercial claim it as a coffee, but people said it is not.. Not really sure..

Back to the title...

I do recommend this place for you who wants to spent some times do some of your work while travelling to Indonesia. Just tap on your Google Maps, find TADA COLLECTIVE.

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