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Winter is Coming

Laid off were everywhere! And still happening..

In my country, Indonesia, several Start Ups already laid off some of their employees. This was real case, 2 years of pandemic, most of them enjoying the party trough digital products that were really happening. But why?? even if they got really huge revenue, they still need to laid off the employees?

Simple answers, huge revenue doesn't mean huge profit. Perhaps getting bigger their revenue, they dig deeper of their loss. Maybe..

That's the reality..

Another reality was, many offline businesses close their operation during the pandemic, but now after pandemic they still not rebound yet. This is only my narrow perspective, it could be wrong.

The thing why I am writing and document this circumstances is to refer it again maybe in the next 5 years? what I've become? are still in the businesses on this date? because my businesses as per now is on really seriuous decline.. we'll see

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