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What Makes You Jump Out of Bed Every Morning?

I heard this kind of phares from Elon Musk biography book, if I am not mistaken.
Actually, not really sure the phrase was.

Is it "keeping awake in the night" or "jump out from the bed every morning"?

This such a word is subjected to something that you really passionate, that thing is keep churning in your mind. Do you have such a thing?

I have of course..

Nowadays, even if my main business facing decline in revenue, that decline not really keeping me awake in the night. Of course I am thinking about it every time, but I realize that's not really my passion. That is only problem that I am facing, big problem, that disturbing my mind..

What I am really passionate by now is the self-branding that I am build now trough Youtube Channel. As per this post, my Youtube channel has 12k subscribers, with daily views is about 3k views. Not bad.

In the middle of the night, if I can reach my phone, I always check the Youtube Studio, wondering someone comment to my content.. Also when I woke up, maybe that was included to 10 first thing that I've done.

Let see in the next year, how many subscribers that I got?

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