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Seize The Luck

Everybody wants luck.

Luck is really difficult to get, isn't it?

We can see stories of luck people, and make us jealous? let say.. the Kardashians.. Who doesn't jealous? rich, beautiful, have siblings, famous, what else?

Many people thinks the luck is not affordable for them, is it real?

The fact is.. we can see luck in the spectrum of mathematical world..

Luck just only a probability. Let say  the Kardashians's luck is one in million, so it happen only to 1 family from a million family. In algebra, it could written like this 1/1.000.000, of course you knew it right?

Ok we are lowering our example, let say to get the good businesses. The chance are one in thousand or 1 / 1000. It could say, from 1000 man tried to do businesses only 1 can succeed. Are you with me so far?

The thing is really simple.. If you want to be a successful businessman, you have to tried to open your own businesses 1000x times! easy right? yess easy to write than to act

My point is if you want to pursue your luck, absolutely it can be afforded, as long as you try as many as you can. Don't forget, try it smart.

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