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Review Buku: Leader Eat Last - Simon Sinek

2 buku sebelumnya yang Start With Why dan Find Your Why udah saya baca.. Review singkat saya bisa baca di sini:

Di buku Leader Eat Last ini, agak berbeda sedikit, saya baca yang versi bahasa Inggris, saya merasa penyerapan ilmunya lebih baik ketimbang baca yang terjemahan..

Buku ini total halamannya ada 350, kalau isi utamanya aja ada 305 halaman. 

ok kita ke konteks dari buku ini..

Buku Leaders Eat Last
Buku Leaders Eat Last

Saya merasa konteksnya sama seperti Start With Why, yaitu membahas leadership, tapi dari kacamata berbeda. Kalau Start With Why kurang lebih dimulai dari intrapersonal, kalau Leader Eat Last ini dari "kacamata" antar-personal atau komunal..

Banyak insight2 menarik dari buku ini, karena ditulis di tahun 2010++ kali ya, jadinya cukup relevan dengan apa yang saya alami sekarang. Apalagi di ujung buku ada "extended"-nya, yaitu ngebahas bagaimana karakter millenials dan bagaimana cara memipin mereka, sangat praktikal dan teknis. Langsung bisa praktek..

Terkait dengan judul, yang ngebahas spesifik tentang "leader eat last" cuma sedikit aja, kalau ga salah cuma 1 bab.. Judulnya catchy dan spesifik, tapi isinya lebih banyak tentang leadership secara umum. Pemilihan judul yang baik.. Good job.

Buku ini cocok untuk...
  • pebisnis yang minima udah punya 1 karyawan
  • manajer perusahaan / petinggi perusahaan
  • kepala keluarga
  • birokrat
  • politisi
  • dst

Ini beberapa poin-poin yang saya highlight tentang buku ini....
  • cage? padlock? high security for operational goods? This was management's way of protecting against theft. It may have prevented theft, but it was also a powerful reminder that management didn't trust people.
  • ... And coming to work for the company is replaced by coming to work for each other. Work is no longer a place to dread. It is a place to feel valued.
  • Why can't we enjoy ourselves at work like we do when we're not at work?
  • ... it is we, the companies, who are now responsible for these precious lives
  • we want to feel that we and the work we do are valued by others, especially those in our group. That's why Facebook has likes counter, Youtube has views count, and so on..
  • Unfortunately, many of us work in environments where members of the group don't care much about one another's fate. Which means that valuable information, like impending danger, is often keep secret. As a result, bonds of trust among employees or between leaders and workers are weak.
  • As social animals, it is imperative for us to see actual, tangible impact of our time and effort for our work to have meaning and for us to be motivated to do it even better.
  • ... is the feeling that the leaders of the company would be willing, when it matters, to sacrifice their time and energy to help us. We will judge a boss who spends time after hours to help us as more valuable than a boss who simply gives us a bonus when we hit a target.
  • ...feel-good from the money we give, it doesn't last long and it isn't likely to affect how others view us.
  • In strong corporate culture, employees will form similar attachment.
  • in a weak culture, we veer away from doing "the right thing" in favor of doing "the thig that's right for me"
  • in a culture of strong character, the people inside the company will feel protected by their leaders and feel that their colleagues have their backs.
  • Inside a Circle of Safety, when people trust and share their successes and failures, what they know and what they don't know, the result is innovation. It's just natural.
  • What happens when the leader is wrong in a top-down culture? Everyone goes off a cliff.
  • if we doubt someone's integrity, we would hesitate before jumping into a foxhole with them.
  • Building trust requires nothing more than telling the truth
  • ... All we want to know is if we can feel safe in a foxhole with you...
  • Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.
  • first step to recovery and most of known.. admitting we have problem.
  • Willing to risk their lives for the person to the left or right of them is because they have the utmost confidence that the person at their side would do the same for them.
  • These days, too many leaders of organizations seem to be wasting the good will of people
  • Our best days at work --> when the hardship was shared
  • ... Profit in his mind, is a fuel, not a destination.

oya ada yang menarik dari buku ini... si Simon Sinek ini justru ga setuju dengan Jack Welch.. dimana Jack Welch kan "dipuja2" dalam dunia ilmu manajemen. he he

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