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TOEFL IBT Writing practice #21

Writing Task 1 - Integrated Question

Directions​: For this task, you will read a passage and listen to a lecture about an academic topic.
You may take notes during this time. After the passages have finished, you will then be asked a question
about them. After the question, you will have 20 minutes to write your response. Effective responses are
usually between 250 to 350 words. You may look at the reading passage and your notes as you write. Keep
in mind that the question will not ask for your opinion.
You have three minutes to read. You may begin reading now.

Over the past few decades, there has been growing concern from scientists,
sociologists, and politicians that the rapid increase in population growth now
occurring will eventually cause serious problems. In 1800, the Earth’s population
reached 1 billion. In 1990, the total reached 5 billion. Today, there are over 7 billion
people in the world, and that number continues to grow. This ever-expanding
population will have a terrible effect on life in the future.
First of all, the population problem will lead to the extinction of hundreds of species,
especially those located in freshwater environments. Even though 70% of the Earth is
covered by water, most of it is saltwater. There is a limited amount of fresh water
from rivers, lakes, and ponds that is considered drinkable. The rate at which the
current population drinks water far outpaces the amount of time it takes for water to
replenish. Undoubtedly, this will threaten freshwater species and cause the
extinction of many.
Overpopulation will also lead to an increase in conflicts and wars around the globe.
In developing countries where resources are scarce, governments will have a harder
time providing food, water, and other basic necessities to their people. Poverty is an
unavoidable consequence of overpopulation. Not only will people grow unhappy
with their leaders, but those leaders may consider war as a way to reduce poverty.
Lastly, overpopulation will actually increase the cost of living for people around the
globe. While most people believe products will get cheaper in the future, in an
environment where basic necessities are scarce, their prices will increase. If there is a
lack of food, water, or shelter, then the prices of all of these essentials will be much
higher than they are today.

Integrated Writing Transcript:

Look, there's no doubt about it, the population of the Earth has increased dramatically in the last century. While
the rate of growth may alarm some futurists who believe we will be living in some terrible, dystopian future of
scarcity, I disagree with researchers who have such a negative outlook on the future. Here's why.
We are now more aware than ever of the diversity of species in various biospheres. We have biologists and
researchers who go to great lengths to catalog all known species and measure the likelihood that they may go
extinct. Preserving biodiversity is a serious matter. Educational institutions and non-profit organizations work
very hard to ensure that no threatened species ever goes extinct. So, while we'll still need more drinking water in
the future, there's no reason to believe it will lead to the extinction of species.
The author sees the future as a place of scarcity, whereas I see it as a place of abundance. New technology has
already been developed that can easily filter even the dirtiest water to make it drinkable. There are even
machines that produce food that can provide people in need with the caloric intake they need to survive. So, my
point is that any future wars will not be due to a lack of basic necessities as the reading claims.
As we can see today, all kinds of products are only getting cheaper. Just look at the price you paid for your home
computer or cell-phone. Such items cost less than ever before, even though they use pretty advanced technology.
Moreover, once devices that produce clean drinking water and food become readily available to more people
around the globe, individuals in poorer nations will not have to worry about the price of the basic items they
need to live.

my writing response:

The reading passage discuss about negative impacts of human overpopulation of our earth. The reading passage gives three arguments about that, in the other hands, the professor cast doubt about each of those. Those arguments are here on the following paragraphs.

The reading passage tell us overpopulation may cause extinction of some species, esepecially on fresh water. Due to our consumption of fresh water for drink increase massively, that could outpaced the nature of fresh water to be replenish. However, the professor seems not really agree with this statement. He argue that nowadays human become more aware about biodiversity than ever, many iniciatives occured regarding this, both from government or non-government organization. So he argue it is impossible for us for not reacted to species extinciton issues, we must take action to preserve the biodiversity.

Next argument is about overpopulation may cause conflicts and wars in our society. Increasing population will cause increasing demand of water, food, and other basic needs, somehow it could be cause poverty, because the supply is not enough. Thus, according to this scenario people become unhappy, so horizontal conflicts might happen. Moreover, the leader of country may consider to do war in order to fight their own poverty. The professor arguing this statement, he believe because of the technology we can afford or produce our needs better and faster than ever. For example, he explain about the technology that can convert dirty water into freshwater, this will give huge impact to the water needs of ours. So he believe this argument is unreasonable.

Lastly, is about increase of cost living when overpopulation happen. Simmilar to the previous argument, scarcity of our supply needs can cause overprice on the market. Once again the professor talk about our vast development of technology. The professor give some facts to counter this statement, he said that nowadays goods are much more cheaper, for example home computer and cellphone much more affordable, even if the technology for those kind of things are more advance.

ChatGPT Assessment, based on TOEFL iBT rubrics in scale out of 10 for each rubric (Delivery, Language Use, Topic Development)?

Based on the TOEFL iBT rubrics, here's an assessment of your response:

Delivery: 8/10

The response effectively conveys the main points from the reading passage and the lecture.
The ideas are presented clearly and coherently.
The response demonstrates a good understanding of the passage and the lecture.
Language Use: 7/10

The language used is generally accurate and appropriate.
There are some minor errors in grammar, such as subject-verb agreement ("iniciatives occurred," "species extinciton issues") and prepositions ("for not reacted").
The vocabulary used is varied and generally appropriate.
Topic Development: 8/10

The response provides a clear overview of the arguments presented in the reading passage and the counterarguments presented in the lecture.
The points are developed with relevant supporting details, such as the professor's explanation of technology advancements.
The response effectively addresses each argument and provides a logical counterargument.
Overall, your response is well-structured and demonstrates a good understanding of the passage and the lecture. With some minor improvements in language use, it would be an even stronger response. I would assign a total score of 7.7/10.

Writing Task 2 - Independent Question

Directions​:​ ​For this task, you will write an essay in response to a question that asks you to state,
explain, and support your opinion on an issue.
Typically, an effective essay will contain a minimum of 300 words. Your essay will be judged based on the
quality of your writing. This includes the development of your ideas, the organization of your essay, and
the quality and accuracy of the language you use to express your ideas.
You have 30 minutes to plan and complete your essay.
Your professor has assigned the class a final project. However, each student is free to choose who they
will work with. If you had to work on this kind of project, would you rather:
- Work alone
- Work with classmates
- Work with a tutor
Use specific reasons and examples to support your essay. Be sure to use your own words. Do not use
memorized examples.

my writing response:

If I had to choose with whom I work with in my final project for a class, I would choose work alone. The background of my stance is supported by following reasons.

The main reason, to be honest, I am not so comofortable to work in team, especially for final project for a class. Just because, if I don't do it by my self, it might be I don't understand the materials comperhensively. In the past, I had several cases regarding this issue. I remember, as undergrad students, me with my team had given a big project to build a miniature of a cruise ship. On that day, my job is to errect and join all the modular materials into one shape of mini-cruise-ship. I did my job well, but lately after that day, I realized that I don't understand how to calculate the scalatic numbers, because my friend did it for us. So it cost me a little more time to re-learn that knowledge as a requirement for another class.

Secondly, even if the assignment is pointed for each student, it doesn't mean that students do not allow to have discussion between all of them. So working alone for a final project, not so scary actually. When we got stuck on it, simply we can call our friend to have a discussion. Futhermore, I do believe the professor will warmly open for discussion regarding the assignment. Very common example is final project thesis for undergrad students. The project must be done alone, and factfully students do it together. They share their knowledge to each other, in order to stimulate better result of the final project. In my own experience, some of my close friends help me a lot to finish my final project, not because they did it for me, but because they give me so many insightful information for my final project thesis.

So to sum up all above, in my own opinion for final project cases, I do prefer to work it alone rather than to work with classmates or a tutor. I do believe people have their own perspective about this, the most important is how we get comfort to do it and it is effective to improve our learning process.

ChatGPT Assessment, based on TOEFL iBT rubrics in scale out of 10 for each rubric (Delivery, Language Use, Topic Development)?

Based on the TOEFL iBT rubrics, I would assess your essay as follows:

Delivery: 7/10

The essay effectively presents your opinion on the issue.
The essay is generally coherent and organized, with a clear introduction and conclusion.
The ideas are developed adequately, but some of the supporting points could be further elaborated for stronger arguments.
Language Use: 6/10

The language used is generally clear and understandable.
There are some minor errors in grammar and word choice that occasionally hinder the clarity of your ideas.
The vocabulary used is satisfactory, but there is room for improvement in terms of variety and sophistication.
Topic Development: 6/10

The essay provides two reasons to support your preference of working alone on a final project.
Examples are used to illustrate your points, but they could be more specific and detailed.
The essay could benefit from more thorough development of the supporting arguments and counterarguments.
Overall, your essay effectively communicates your opinion and provides some supporting points and examples. However, there is room for improvement in terms of language use, clarity of ideas, and further development of your arguments.

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