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Practicing TOEFL Speaking with ChatGPT

I am doing TOEFL speaking practice, please do rate my answers in scale of 30

The Directions​: You will now read a short passage and then listen to a conversation on the same topic.

You will then be asked a question about the passages. After you hear the question, you will have 30

seconds to prepare your response and 60 seconds to speak.

The passage:

More Flexible Meal Plans

As of right now, the school offers only one meal plan to students, which permits them to

eat at the cafeteria once per day for the entire school year. The problem with this is that

there are students who are busy with part-time jobs away from campus and don’t have

time to eat at the cafeteria on a daily basis. Since these students still want to eat at the

cafeteria occasionally I believe it would be best if the school started to sell meal plans that

provide a specific number of meals which students can eat whenever they want. Not only

will this be more convenient, but it will also increase the cafeteria’s income as a greater

number of students will consider taking advantage of its services.


Johnny B. Goode

The conversation:

Hey Lisa, did you read Johnny's letter in the school paper?

Yeah, I'm just finishing it now actually. I can't believe he finally complained about it.

Yeah, and I think it's great. Almost everyone I talk to agrees that the cafeteria should be more flexible when it comes to meal plans. I mean, I'm not crazy about the cafeteria's food, but I like to go there to meet up with friends and hang out. I'd buy a 50 meal plan, for example, but I would never get the yearly meal plan.

Yeah, I guess you have a point. But won't this make meals more expensive? I'm on the school's meal plan right now and the one thing I love about it is the price. It's so cheap.

I don't see why a new meal plan structure would affect the price of the current system. It's basically just adding more options. Even though I might have to pay more per meal for my plan, it fits my schedule better. This type of structure is going to make everyone happy. Both the students who don't plan on eating at the cafeteria every day, and the school, which can make a bit more money from the variety of options. And even students like you who already are on the meal plan, won't be affected by this change.

I guess you're right. Maybe Johnny will get what he wants after all.

The Question:

Now answer the question. The man expresses his opinion on cafeteria meal plans. State his opinion and explain the reason he gives for holding that opinion. You have 30 seconds to prepare your response.

My answer:

So according to the message that I read in a few that the man agree with the paper that the school must be not only serve one meal plan for the students because the first one is the man himself occasionally would hang out with them his friend if the cafeteria serve a different kind of menu and then the second one because because sometimes he can ever attend specific time of the real plan and then the next one it's good for the cafeteria to get more revenue from much more career of meal plan and in the last one he talked that the existing students who subscribe to the existing meal plan will not affect it for this new policy 

ChatGPT response:

Thank you for your response. While I understand your points, there are some areas that could use improvement in terms of clarity and organization. To answer the question, the man in the conversation agrees with Johnny's letter that the school should offer more flexible meal plans, specifically ones that allow students to buy a specific number of meals which they can use whenever they want. The reason the man gives for holding this opinion is that it will be more convenient for students who have busy schedules and can't eat at the cafeteria every day. Additionally, he believes that the school will benefit from increased revenue as more students will be interested in buying meal plans that fit their schedules. He also mentions that this change would not affect students who are already on the current meal plan. Overall, I would rate your response a 22 out of 30.

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