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TOEFL writing practice #1

Please help me to asses my TOEFL writing practice: the instruction: You may take notes during this time. After the passages have finished, you will then be asked a question about them. After the question, you will have 20 minutes to write your response. Effective responses are usually between 250 to 350 words. You may look at the reading passage and your notes as you write. Keep in mind that the question will not ask for your opinion. You have three minutes to read. You may begin reading now. Over the past few decades, there has been growing concern from scientists, sociologists, and politicians that the rapid increase in population growth now occurring will eventually cause serious problems. In 1800, the Earth’s population reached 1 billion. In 1990, the total reached 5 billion. Today, there are over 7 billion people in the world, and that number continues to grow. This ever-expanding population will have a terrible effect on life in the future. First of all, the population problem will lead to the extinction of hundreds of species, especially those located in freshwater environments. Even though 70% of the Earth is covered by water, most of it is saltwater. There is a limited amount of fresh water from rivers, lakes, and ponds that is considered drinkable. The rate at which the current population drinks water far outpaces the amount of time it takes for water to replenish. Undoubtedly, this will threaten freshwater species and cause the extinction of many. Overpopulation will also lead to an increase in conflicts and wars around the globe. In developing countries where resources are scarce, governments will have a harder time providing food, water, and other basic necessities to their people. Poverty is an unavoidable consequence of overpopulation. Not only will people grow unhappy with their leaders, but those leaders may consider war as a way to reduce poverty. Lastly, overpopulation will actually increase the cost of living for people around the globe. While most people believe products will get cheaper in the future, in an environment where basic necessities are scarce, their prices will increase. If there is a lack of food, water, or shelter, then the prices of all of these essentials will be much higher than they are today. the listening passage: Now listen to part of a lecture on the same topic you just read about look there's no doubt about it the population of the Earth has increased dramatically in the last century while the rate of growth May alarm some futurist who believe we will be living in some terrible dystopian future of scarcity I disagree with researchers who have such a negative outlook on the future we are now more aware than ever of the diversity of species in various biospheres we have biologists and researchers who go to Great Lengths the catalog all known species and measure the likelihood that they may go extinct preserving biodiversity is a serious matter educational institutions and non-profit organizations so while we still need more drinking water in the future there's no reason to believe it will lead distinction of species the author sees the future as a place of scarcity whereas I see it as a place of abundance new technology has already been developed that can easily filter even the dirtiest water to make it drinkable machines that produce food that can provide people in need with the caloric intake they need to survive any wars will not be due to a lack of basic necessities as the reading claims as we can see today all kinds of products are only getting cheaper just look at the price you paid for your home computer or cell phone such items cost less than ever before even though they use pretty advanced technology moreover once devices they need to live the question: Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they answer the specific problems presented in the reading passage. my answer:

Human population growth time over time, and some scientist believe in the future mankind will facing overpopulation. Not only the scientist, but also all of us will admit the overpopulation is heading to us for sure.

The thing is, is overpopulation good or bad?

According to the passage, 3 issues must be concerned to regard the overpopulation.

Scarcity vs Abundant?

The passage wrote that in the future, with much more people living than ever. We will facing scarcity of foods, specifically about variety of corps or animal that human consume. The theory is simple, when the demand goes high and the supply can't keep up, extinction would happen. But the lecturer has other side point of view for it. Time after time human being more aware about diverse variety, so he said people will try to avoid any extinction.

Drinking water?

The passage wrote that in the future, people will more difficult to afford fresh water. Even if our earth mostly cover with water, but those are salt water, not fresh water that human drink. However, the lecturer has a counter argument one more time about it, he said our vast growing of technology development will solve such a problem. In the future, converting dirty water into fresh water is easy task for human.

Consumer price getting higher and higher?

Again, the lecturer disagree with the passage. The passage wrote about price will become higher and higher while the population grow, but the lecturer it will not going to happen. Simply because he think, once again, the technology will help human to create stuffs in more efficient and cheaper.

So, in overview about the lecture, the lecturer disagree with the reading passage because it too negative opinion about overpopulation, there still many ways to solve our problem of overpopulation.

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