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Why Doctor is Always Late?

While writing this post I am waiting in the hospital to see a doctor for my newborn-baby. Nothing was wrong with her, we just bring her to regular checkup for 1 month old cute baby.

She is my 3rd child, so it is not my first time seeing doctor.

Perhaps many of you realized, just as I am, that doctors is often late to the schedule. At the beginning I felt disappointment, but time goes by, it just common for us to wait for the doctors.

Is the doctors is not professional? Is doctors have bad time management? or how come it could happen?

It is completely impossible doctors are not professional, how can it be? They study really hard to specialize their job, it must need professional hard work.

Bad time management? it could be. But if it is, I am sure that doctor will not have many patient. Maybe the word patient as a noun is coming from doctor's customer that always waiting for the late schedule, patient.

My positive thinking for all the doctors, is they have so many patient to take care. Remember, doctor is a self-employee, they can't delegate easily what they do. So they have and must to take care patients by theirselves. Can you imagine how many schedule they create for a week? I bet many.

When you have so many schedule with so many people, it impossible gonna as tact as the plan. Let say only 2-3 person late or need further consultation, the schedule shift dramatically.

so be positive, be patient.

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