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Why Cafes are so noisy?

  nowadays people get working everywhere anywhere from their homes or from Cafe so it becomes a lifestyle of this modeling human being.

 but I don't know in my country especially in Bandung Indonesia the cafes still maintain their services as a place to hang out with friends or families especially friends so they take care their customers who want to do Recreation chat but for me that every day I work from Cafe while waiting my son finish his school it's really disturbing 

I got my daily meeting on 9:00 a.m. everyday and really I did silent environment instead of music even if the music that I like even if the music is to make every customer Comfort on the cafe.

It is nonsense that covers owner didn't realize this that cover as per now not only for hang out but also for people who do their jobs or maybe the owner is really understood but the employee needs music to make their job easy or they just have some fun while working.

 sometimes I do request to the employee to turn down the volume of the music but  oftenly in the next 20 minutes or so the other employee  come to the phone or the music player and then turn up the volume again what a circumstances.

 so I dream if I have money and I want to make some coffee I want to make a little room or small room to every customer so they can do their private jobs they can do their private meeting and so on.

 that's it it's articles generated by voice to text using Google Docs I found so many mispronization by me and I hope you can understand what I'm saying or what I'm writing here 

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