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Product vs Exposure

Good Products, Good Exposures = seems obvious, but is not.

I had seen people, sorry to say, not better than me,  but his branding is so good. Really famous about his businesses, but I really know his knowledge not good as it seems

I know people that have better business than me, but they keep silent. Never upload to their social media, but me? I am content creator, my business is not larger than them, but I talked about my business or business life everywhere.

So having good exposure doesn't meant have a good product, and vice versa

Good Products, Bad Exposures = Stupid

no matter how good you are, how good your products are, but if you unable to let people now about it, consider yourself stupid.

Let say you are alone in your room, and do bunch of work to your face using cosmetics. That make you really handsome or really beautiful. But you don't post it in the social media, and you never gone to anywhere.. So what the purpose for all of your face-work? nothing

Bad Products, Good Exposures = SMART!

I could say, this kind of thing are expertise of India people. sorry to say. but it is true, is it?

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