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Doing running again

  it has been 2 weeks I think I've done afternoon run for about 2 km each not really consistent enough so far perhaps only once in 2 days in between I do exercise by using jump rope

 to be honest my proposed to do running again instead of jump rope all everyday because I want to improve my soccer skill again in the past I have well soccer skill and as for now when my weight at 87 kilos I feel really different to the soccer. I am unable to run like I used to be,   I am unable to passing someone. and oftenly I do miss my  pass so I caught my friend yelled at me really embarrassing and really humiliating myself.

 so I have really big will to improve my running skill again I'm not sure I can get back into Maybe 80 kilos or 75 kilos but if I keep practicing exercising my running skill it's supposed to be I  we'll get faster. or at least I can keep my stamina and maintain keep running all the time while playing soccer.

 on this term is not the professional soccer is just like Sunday league in English you playing really  amateur not professional. even if we are playing on The Amity League I'll make sure that we really serious on it because football or soccer you may say is our Sweet Hobby.

 if you are reading this whatever you are whoever you are you really need hubby to make your life more colorful and more passionate. I've seen people's parents so many dollars for their Hobbies it doesn't really make sense for me but when I see myself I could do spend with no thinking just for my hobby, so are you?

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It has been two weeks since I started my afternoon runs, covering about 2 km each time. My consistency hasn't been great, running only once every other day. In between, I've been doing jump rope exercises.

To be honest, I have decided to shift my focus back to running instead of jumping rope every day. My goal is to improve my soccer skills, which I used to be good at. Currently, at 87 kilos, I feel that my running abilities have diminished and I'm struggling to keep up with the game. I miss passes and my friends often yell at me, making me feel embarrassed and humiliated.

I am determined to improve my running skills, even if it means losing weight to reach 80 or 75 kilos. With consistent exercise and practice, I hope to regain my speed and maintain my stamina while playing soccer.

I play in a Sunday league, which is not professional, but we take it seriously as it's our hobby. Football or soccer, as some may call it, brings color and passion to our lives.

If you are reading this, I encourage you to find a hobby that brings joy to your life. It doesn't matter how much money you spend, as long as it makes you happy. That's what I do, I spend without hesitation on my beloved hobby. What about you?

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