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Double or Nothing?

I am not sure already wrote about this context or not, but this kind of thing is keep churning in my mind for several months.

My main business has suffer for negative cashflow for the last 6 months, in case you never known, negative cashflow doesn't mean it doesn't make profit, but the truth is, my business not make profit nor cashflow. he he

My mentor once said, you have doubled or nothing! because he knew that I still have 1 final bullet to boost up my business. I have fresh asset in gold that could convert to cash anytime.

But if it is done, what would I do to the cash? to save my business from negative cashflow only or try to make some innovating act that create huge profit? latter is the only options.

I have to save my business by reducing cost, save money, in order to get positive cashflow. Then if got reach there, I have to think to liquidate my asset to make profit, a lot.

Easier to say than done..

In the past 6 months I already release 6 of my employee. And considering 3 more in this month.

Ya Allah help us.

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