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Writing Skill is A Must

It has been a while I never write on this blog using my keyboard. what? write not using keyboard? yes! maybe for the last 10 posts on this blog, I use voice to text, in order to improve my English pronunciation. Still far from perfect, but because of that now I feel more confident to speak in Englsih.

But I realize something, nothing new, but I just realize it by now..

Writing in English is still mandatory skill for us!

even if there is an AI-based called ChatGPT that easily correcting our writing, but human touch will never obsolete. Especially for me that intent to take TOEFL test may be in the next 2 / 3 months. On that test, contain writing test, impossible I use ChatGPT for passing the test. ha ha.

Another thing, I do not see in the future, formal writing must be done by human. Because AI such ChatGPT is doing quite good enough to create articles / transcript or so on.

So, we must able to writing by ourselves in the context of daily communication. For formal purpose, let ChatGPT done for us in the future.

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