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Want to be skinny?

I am overweight right now, I have 175cm in height and 88 kg in weight! The Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation shown that me in Overweight I, yellow color.

Losing weight is not easy task, but if we think it clearly and objective, losing weight is so simple. Getting weight is because something (food) go inside your stomach trough your mouth, simple ain't it? so if we follow mass conversation theory, if you want to loss your weight, don't add on it! easy right?

But the things are questions that beginning with... What if?

- What if I don't have energy?
- What if my job become less productive?
- What if I got sick?
- etc

That are the problems.. So the solution is also simple, finding food that give us sufficient energy, with just small mass of quantity.. the answers are:

- fruits and vegetables, no doubt about it. That's why every diet program suggest to eat fruits and vegetables.
- healthy wheat, people say instead of bread, rice, you can substitute to wheat to losing your weight

Now I am struggling to losing of my weight, even if I did 1 exercise / day for the past 6 months, still I am not progressive to losing my weight..

I don't set dreamy target to losing wight, I just want my weight stay at 78 kg.. I think it is realistic.

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