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Should I study Finance in deep?

 recently I found myself get lost when I'm talking about Finance especially with my friends my colleague my partner that more savvy than me regarding Finance, it seems  me on the like a child for him.

 yes to be honest I never studied Finance  in deep I just do practice Finance as I feel as I so from my existing business I never see or check the regulation or the best practices. what I know  just how to accumulate cash in cash out do purchasing to payroll Etc

 really in the past 2 years I really consider myself to study  finance  in deep, even more I had thought to take Finance  course the  CFA cfp Also I'm not really sure, such a certificate.

I'm still considering to study Finance in  in deep because I have another more strategy to plan , like the business model a little ship employees HR legal and tax Etc. Finance is one of them it is important but I think not more important that other things come on not to mention that studying Finance is really high before effort.

 so I have another option here just hiring professional Finance man or Finance people to getting things done for my business but the counter is those kind of people must be set on high price which I couldn't afford.

 luckily I have my partner that more Savvy to finance have deep understanding about Finance and make me complete. that's why I really suggest you who never have partner on your business close your computer and start to find your partner 

Beautified by ChatGPT:

Recently, I have found myself struggling to discuss finance with friends, colleagues, and my partner. While they are more knowledgeable about finance, I feel like a child in their presence. To be honest, I have never delved deeply into the subject and have only practiced finance through my existing business. I have never paid much attention to regulations or best practices, only knowing how to accumulate and manage cash flow for things like purchasing and payroll.

However, in the past two years, I have realized the importance of studying finance more deeply. I have even considered taking courses like the CFA or CFP, though I am not yet sure if I will pursue those certificates. I still hesitate to prioritize finance over other aspects of my business, such as developing a sound business model, managing employees, and staying compliant with legal and tax requirements. Nonetheless, I acknowledge that finance is a crucial element in any business strategy.

I have considered hiring professional finance experts to handle the financial aspects of my business, but I am aware of the high costs associated with such services. Fortunately, my partner has a deep understanding of finance and can help me navigate the complexities of the subject.

I encourage anyone who lacks a partner with financial expertise to seek one out. Having a partner can make a significant difference in your business's success. So, instead of simply relying on your own knowledge, reach out to someone who can help you achieve your goals.

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