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Revenue Source as Content Creator

In the last 2 years I become content creator seriously, actually to writing this blog was far before that. But on Youtube, I did 1 video per day for this last 2 years.

on the 1st years, I got nothing! My channel didn't receive any money, because not monetized yet. In case you never known, for Youtube, you must reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour before you channel can be shown ads then you can get money.

Time goes by, my subscribers as per now reach 13k subscribers, and daily views of 3000 video views.

If you want to be a content creator, especially on Youtube, here are some revenue source you could get:

1. Youtube - Ads

This is the first, and the most common how your channel can get money. I would say, you need really big amount of views to get nice money from Youtube. If you are creating content in English, the RPM is about USD1~ USD1.5, RPM stand for Rate Per Mile. So in other words, if your channel get 1000 views, you probably can get paid about $1 ~ $1.5. And the rest, do the math.

For sure $1 is not big money, isn't it?

But how about 1000 views? is it difficult to get? yes it is not easy as you seen.

2. Youtube - Membership

Luckily for me, my channel is about education for businesses. People arrived to my channel because they looking for the solution of their businesses. It means, impossible only 1 video can solve their problem. On the other side, if you are looking for entertain content, maybe 1 video is enough.

Because of that, I am opening my channel membership trough Youtube. So people who want to learn deeper of my content, they have to pay.

I would say, this membership revenue now getting bigger than my ads revenue.

3. Endorsement

This is the most sweet-spot as content creator. Same effort, different revenue. While your personal branding bigger, it matter of time that brands looking for your service to promote their products.

Just very yesterday, I have done endorsement job, and the value is bigger than my Youtube Ads revenue! nice, isn't it?

But to attract companies or brands to come to you, is not easy task. You have to enlarge day by day your personal branding.

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