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Bajuyuli baju muslim anak perempuan

Dear parents

your time with your children is really short, I made it to say this, because recently I heard Podcast from new Ali Khan is talking about how parents can control their children. actually the podcast on the perspective of Muslim and Islam world but it was to share to everybody, because the main concept is real the main concept is for everyone.

 he said on the lecture parents only know their children in very short time, it doesn't matter how love their parents to their children who isn't command no matter how beautiful their children still parents can only with their children Maybe 15 years? that's really short.

 compared to how long God  knows our children take care of our children  since they were in the womb or of course before that that's different reality that only God knows, the podcast is sure that that time of period is much longer than parents together with their children that say so about 15 years.

 but I think 15 years is true excessive for parents with their children because as we know when children entering the adolescence time they never hear their parents they just do whatever they want, that's human. Rather if you find your children keep on you on the very long of period of time you have to question yourself because break the rules find a new things as an adolescence is really humans that what we do. just take a minute to think about it the team will watch you were.

 so I assume my sweet time with my children that the oldest one right now it's about 6 years maybe have 5 years left. at now I can hug my son I can kiss him I can bring him to the school come out we can play soccer, but because of that podcast I'm lowering my expecting to my son maybe in the next 6 years or five I love actualization would be different. I wish I could kiss you everyday in the future, hug you every day in the future come on but I know that's not possible. because if I contemplate to myself when I am age 12 or 13 I get embarrassed when my mom tried to kiss me try to hug me that's kind of a thing that's really humans

 so dear parents enjoy your time with your children be grateful of it thanks to God of it and kiss your children right now and hug them with love

I love you Samudra Dipa Negara, Tirta Huda Khalifah, Embun Latifa Maryam

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