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The Trusted Advisor Approach: Why Prioritizing Your Client's Needs is the Key to Successful Sales

part of The Trusted Advisor books that I generate from voice to text of Google Docs:

that start at the level of goals. the goal of most sales approaches is to get the sale. if that sounds unremarkable, it's a sign of How Deeply we misconstrue the problem. however if you approach the issue of gold from a trusted advisor perspective, to go is not to get the sale it is to help the client. again the same goal we aim for inclines office. and everything follows from that.

 if the ultimate goal is a service to client, then we must be willing to

  •   stop trying clothes in examples stop imposing our will on our clients
  •  we transparent and consistent about our pricing
  •  be much less attached to the outcome to view the sale as a product not as a goal
  •  be willing to recommend a computer if the computer has a better offering
  •  will come objections as a form of engagement, not an attack to be right or challenge to be surrounded
  •  if you get the client's Bank system, rather than force them to navigate our selling system
  • Invest extra time in developing a lead, rather than be in a rush to qualify or disqualify them
  •  view client leads dream strategically not tactically to be regular classified, say, quarterly rather than weekly

 if these ideas sound undetectable to most sales process or approaches you are right again. most sell approaches are short terms for kids, every week Milestone and metrics, and driven above all my contacts of efficiency area they may work for some industries, but not so much for Professional Services.

 the vegetation of the last two decades has not been favorable to this point of view. the siren song of zero marginal cost messaging and metrics by the time have driven the field of cell folder in the direction of short-term transactional cells approaches. the good news for those who believe in the trash base approach is that clients are thirsty for interaction with high trust which is developers. it's your opportunity for the taking.

beautify by ChatGPT:

Starting at the highest level of goals, most sales approaches are focused on getting the sale. However, this perspective deeply misconstrues the problem. Rather than solely aiming for the sale, a trusted advisor's goal should be to help the client, placing the client's needs at the forefront.

To achieve this, we must be willing to stop trying to impose our will on clients, transparently and consistently present our pricing, and detach ourselves from the outcome by viewing the sale as a product, not a goal. It's essential to recommend a better offering, welcome objections as engagement rather than an attack, and understand the client's bank system instead of making them navigate our selling system. We must also invest extra time in developing a lead, view clients' leads strategically, and communicate with them regularly, for example, quarterly.

These ideas may seem unconventional compared to most sales approaches that prioritize short-term, transactional goals and metrics. However, the shift towards a trusted advisor approach is the need of the hour. Clients are increasingly seeking interaction with high trust and developmental guidance. This presents a unique opportunity for professionals to stand out in the industry by adopting a client-first approach.

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