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So what the Mr Beast do?

 So what the Mr Beast do?

 I've done researching for 15 minutes I think because I do careers who is Mr B's are or what is the Mr Beast is what I know that this person or this franchise are really something YouTuber content creator on YouTube that must be count in the world.

 so I do search Google for Mr Beast and I found that some website mentioned that Mr bees the founders of content creating that using really high budget to do challenge to people so immediately I went to the YouTube channel and the trailer Sean really massive challenge between kids and parents competing to get 500,000 that's massive. can you imagine 500,000 US dollar? you can buy a house in my country that's amazing for just one content and then I couldn't imagine how the production of this content was I'm sure it's really expensive so let's say it's doubled the price, so we assume the price is $500,000 and then the cost of production is $500,000 so the total cost was a million dollars that amazing, Impossible astonishing out of my mind.

 then I checked that views of video it's written a  hundred million views,  that's huge. as for I know the RPM already Revenue per millions of YouTube it's about $1 so if we calculate the video ads on the ad sensor review from that video it should be 100 million / 1,000 and then  * to $1 So we can get 100,000 of Revenue that's really small, compared to the cost that 1 million it only 10%. what a business?

 so how come Mr  Beast able to sustain until now I bet that not only the ads that their revenue but also the endorsement and the partnership that give them really huge money because it's impossible if only depends on the Google AdSense from the YouTube that's really impossible like I show you before how we calculate it based on RPM data.

 unfortunately this kind of content that's really massive and high budget content people try to copying it on on the world and maybe they don't realize how big the cost is and really small chance that they could complete or compete with Mr Beast Mississippi is only one in million people one in million YouTube creator that can survive, I bet there are so many YouTube content creator that's falling off and go to bankrupt or getting stressed or or get mental health because of they couldn't make it like a miser Beast 

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So, what does Mr Beast do?

I've spent the last 15 minutes researching to find out who Mr Beast is and what he does. From what I know, Mr Beast is a popular YouTuber who creates content that is recognized worldwide.

I decided to Google Mr Beast and found that some websites mention him as the founder of content creating using really high budgets to challenge people. Immediately, I went to his YouTube channel and watched a massive challenge between kids and parents competing for a prize of $500,000. That's huge! Can you imagine winning $500,000? In my country, you could buy a house with that amount. I couldn't even imagine how expensive the production of this content was. Let's say it doubled the prize money, bringing the total cost to $1 million. That's amazing, impossible, and astonishing!

I checked the views on the video, and it had a hundred million views. That's huge! As far as I know, the RPM (Revenue per Million) on YouTube is about $1. So, if we calculate the video ads on the ad sensor review from that video, it should generate revenue of 100 million / 1,000 * $1, giving us $100,000. That's really small compared to the cost of $1 million. What a business!

So, how come Mr Beast has been able to sustain his channel until now? I bet it's not just the ads that generate his revenue, but also the endorsements and partnerships that give him a huge amount of money. It's impossible to depend solely on Google AdSense for revenue, as we have seen from the RPM data I shared earlier.

Unfortunately, this kind of content is high budget, and many people try to copy it worldwide, not realizing how big the costs are. There is a small chance that they could complete or compete with Mr Beast. He is only one in a million YouTube creators who can survive in this business. I bet there are many YouTube content creators that fall off, go bankrupt, or suffer from mental health problems because they couldn't make it like Mr Beast.

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