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TOEFL Daily Practice

In the last 2 months, I have been trying to improve my TOEFL score by doing daily try-out test of TOEFL. I repeat, DAILY! Previously I've done this for weekly, it took about 1 hour to practice, so exhausting. Then I thought, it can't be so goofy.. So I planned to do TOEFL practice daily! Then by now, it only took 10~20 minutes per day. Not so exhausted, but now I doubt about the efficiency to improve my score.. will see..

At the first, I had very difficult time to find free material of TOEFL test. So it took me half-day to find good material for me to practice.  Bunch of materials out there, and most of them are FREEMIUM or just the snippet of test material. So I did Google by this query: fyletype:pdf... it helped me a lot! you can try by yourself.

10~20 minutes is easy for me, it doesn't disrupts my productivity a bit, but to be honest, it is too easy for me. Quite easy to do the practice test. As we now, if we want to improve something, we have to get bleeding on our works at first. In my case, I didn't feel any bleed at all, just like it cost me nothing, will it be benefit me nothing either? not sure.

But, I have no other options by now. My daily life are busy nowadays, really demanding. My businesses, my family, my self, really overlapped in schedule. So I will continue doing this practice method.

corrected by AI:

In the past 2 months, I've committed to improving my TOEFL score by taking daily practice tests. Previously, I had only practiced once a week, which took an exhausting hour of my time. But I knew I could do better, so I decided to make a change and practice every day. This decision has reduced the time commitment to only 10-20 minutes per day and has been less tiring. However, I'm now questioning whether this method will be efficient in improving my score.

At first, I struggled to find free and valuable materials to practice with. It took me half a day to find suitable materials, as most of them were either "freemium" or only provided snippets of test material. To overcome this challenge, I found success in using the search query "filetype:pdf" on Google.

Although the daily practice is easy and doesn't disrupt my productivity, it doesn't push me to the point of "bleeding" like I had expected. As we all know, improvement requires hard work and dedication, but with this practice method, I'm not sure if I'm putting in enough effort to see results.

However, given my busy daily schedule with my businesses, family, and personal responsibilities, I have no other options but to continue with this practice method for now.

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