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What is Synergy?

here the definition of synergy, that I read from the 7th Habit book. I use voice to text feature, it would be not so punctual. But you will get the context, perhaps.

Principles of Creative Cooperation

Wednesday or Winston Churchill was called to head up the war for for Great Britain, he remarks that all his life had prepared him for this hour. in a similar sense, the exercise of all of the other habits prepares us for habit of synergy.

when properly understood, synergy is the highest activity in all life the true test and manifestation of all of the other habits put together.

the highest forms of synergy focus on four unique human endowments, the motive of win-win, and the skills of empathy communication on the toughest challenges we face in life. what results is almost miracles. we create New alternatives something that wasn't there before.

synergy is the essence of principal centered leadership. it is the essence of principle as centered parenting. it catalyzes, unifies, and unleashes the greatest Powers within people. all the habits we have covered prepare us to create the miracle of synergy.

what is energy? simple define, it means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. it means that the relationship which the parts have to each other is apart in and of itself. it is not only a part, but the most catalytic command the most empowering, the most unifying, and the most exciting part.

the credit process is also the most terrifying part because you don't know exactly what's going to happen or where it is going to lead. you don't know what new dangers and challenges you'll find. it takes an enormous amount of internal security to begin with the spirit of adventure, the spirit of discovery, the spirit of creativity. without doubt, you have to leave the comfort zone of base camp and confront and entirely new and unknown wilderness. you become a trial blazer, a Pathfinder. you open new possibilities, new territories commandos continence, so that others can follow.

synergy is everywhere in nature, if you plan to plans close together, The Roots come and go and improve the quality of the soil so that both plants will grow better than if they were separated. if you put two pieces of wood together, they will hold much more than the total of the weight held by each separately. the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 1 + 1 = 3 or more.

the challenge is to apply the principle of creative cooperation, which we learn from nature, and all social interactions, family Life provides more opportunities to observe synergy and to practice it.

the very way that a man and woman bring a child into the world is synergistic. the essence of synergy is to value differences to respect them, to build on strength, to compensate for weaknesses

we obviously when you the physical difference between man and women, husbands and wives but what about the social and emotional differences? exciting forms of life creating and environment that is truly fulfilling for each person, that nature's their self-esteem and self-worth of each

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