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Love Letter for Yulianti Haratulisanah #1


Dear my wife, bu Yuli.

Thanks for became my first employee, we had our hard times those days, and still we are.
Thanks for take our 3 children, and maybe 4 or so?
Thanks for being complementary for every aspects.. businesses, family, daily life, and still many.
Thanks for being my backup when I get ill and can do nothing.
Thanks for all of your behavioral changes after all these days, in order to complete my demand.

Proud of you, proud of me.

Proud of you can bare with me, with all my stubborn.
Proud of me able to stimulate what you are right now.

Maybe there is no fancy-love anymore between us, it is fine. Obviously happen, out of there many couple facing this reality. But the thing is, I can't live my life without you, I can't run my businesses without you, so instead I say "I Love You", quite prefer say "I Need You"

I hope you need me too.

Caution, it should be we need Allah more than anyone in this world. Yes I need you, it because I need Allah. Yes our children need you, it just because Allah. Don't put all of your need to anyone, even me, it will make disappointment, but Allah.

When you read this post, please do call me, or give me you warm and lovely hug.

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