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Since ChatGPT Booms!

Since ChatGPT Booms, it was game changer in content generating businesses. I've done several websites by abusing this ChatGPT, and still continue, even if those websites aren't hit good attraction yet. Are people can detect which one human generated or AI? Are people can satisfied with AI generated content? Is Google will consider AI generated content are bad for SEO?

Can you answer that questions? I am scare to answer that. The thing is, I am currently abusing this ChatGPT and I don't want this failed me. ha ha

Another concern in my mind was should I continue to writing this blog? I am totally understand that this blog no body reads it! But I can't deny my self for hoping someday this blog going to viral, then everyone read it.. 

I don't want all post for this blog are AI generated, I am still wanted authenticity of my blog. So per now, maybe only less than 10 post that generated by ChatGPT, the rest of it are junk from my mind.

But one thing for sure, Insya Allah, later when I died, my children should read all post of this blog. I love you Samudra Dipa Negara, Tirta Huda Khalifah, Embun Latifa Maryam.. See you on heaven, aaamiiiin.

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