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It Is Easy to Gain Followers in Tiktok?


my followers in Tiktok
my followers in Tiktok

Some say there is easer to gain more followers in Tiktok than other platform. They said like that...

I try to prove it myself. I am still struggling to gain the followers, it has been 3 month since I open my own Tiktok, the followers only 42. Means, less than 1 followers per day. Is this ratio called easy to get?

Oh may me I have to compare itu to Instagram, as per now, my followers in Instagram are 542, but I create the account maybe about 3 years ago, so 542 is also small number. 542 / (3 x 356) = less than 1 followers per day.

Is it important to get more followers in Tiktok? some say no.. the fact is, in my Four You Page, I have seen many content, good content, with quite a lot of engagement, came from account with less followers. So confirm, if you want to get more views and more comments, it doesn't require many followers.

So, should I worry about my followers number? YES!.. I should, you should. Because it needed 2000 followers to unlock LIVE STREAMING feature. For me that feature is important, I have to get into that immediately! ha ha

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