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Coaching skill is a must!

Just for you yesterday that I got a client to pay for me for discussion about his business the money is not bad for me so at the first before the meeting is held I feel excited to meet him.

but after the meeting is set we are doing meeting or through Zoom app I found my client is not really talkative And at the first he didn't ask any question for me.  so I thought if if you don't have any question why you order this why you scheduled this paid consultation.

 so on that an hour I did looking for topic by myself that maybe relate to his business and I'm trying to digging up what his problem are.  then I realize if you want to be a consultant good skill is not enough, experience about the thing you do is not enough, you have to learn how to be a coach. what is coach anyway? what I understand what jobs coach are, they find something hidden on their team. on my case I have to  able to find what my client problems are true questions and answers. I've heard that coach especially on company coach what they do is just asking and never answering they dig materials from the client itself.

 so I have to be prepared because on that client I have three more meetings weekly meetings I have some data about him I have some later but his business so next time I will find it the problem of him and I'll do my homework. and I hope on the second meeting my client more talkative more participate on our meeting.

 in general I thought at the first dad became a consultant to selling my time to reply on is fine but to be honest it's exhausting it's tired for me. maybe just because I have another task in my business that haven't done yet so when I take the questions and consultation from the clients my mind is not clear enough on the current situation .So after the meeting is really I came with very exhausted then open my laptop with tired and trying to to do my task the result is not really effective.

Okay is it this is my experience that trying to monetize my time as consult time especially business consultant it's been done for a month I think let's see 

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