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What do you think your life look like after retirement?

so I don't see my life will be retired someday or I'm not working anymore I don't see that you're coming in my life because life is a journey no matter what jobs I did no matter what's wrong I have in the future life still has gone wrong.

okay even if I'm not productive anymore I'm not generating money anymore on my job maybe in my old days later I want to contribute to the society or to my family, or at least I want to learning everyday regarding peace of life.  actually peace of life is one of the purpose of our life in my faith Muslim our goals is after life is not making more money or making more businesses but to find piece of life and piece of afterlife.

Let's imagine in my future life maybe at 55 years old that I'm not involved anymore in my businesses I have grandchild maybe four or five grandchilds what made me wake up from my bed Is my own project.  that project could be reading books,  repairing our houses, take care of my grandchild,  do some meeting with Society, and of course I'm still want to be content creator.

So back to the question what do you think your life look like after retirement I imagine that I'm still productive even if I'm not making money anymore actively.

 oh one more thing,  in my  55th birthday have to reach Financial Freedom it's a must. 

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