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What is The Best Bank Indonesia?

In terms of mine customer experience, the best bank in Indonesia is BCA.. BCA is stand for "Bank Central Asia".

Recently this morning, I went to BCA office, to replace my ATM that already expired. My estimation was I will be there for an hour at least.. but... you will be surprised, to replace my expired ATM, only took 10 minutes. This minutes was gross.. I count may time to parking my bike, then exit from the office.. what a swift? good job BCA.

How come it was done so fast?

Simple.. They replace human service by machine. I don't know this kind of Machine Customer Service are common or not in your country, but in mine, Indonesia, it is exceptional.

So instead to talk to front-officer, I am facing machine that asked my old ATM and my ID.. Input my PIN, generate new one, put my finger into the scanner... voila.. done! the process only took 5 minutes..

As I told you.. another 5 minutes were my commute activity...

BCA is the best!

It has been long time that I knew they are the best, for customer experience.. I never felt being embarrassed when going there. Always good experience that I had.

Compare to other banks in my country, really simple comparation.. The hospitality of the officer.. You try by your self.. Since you arrive in BCA office, anywhere, you will be welcomed by parking staff that give you parking ticket and big smile.. This kind of simple SOP never happen at another banks.

If I write it one by one, it could be take too long post. ha ha

oh ya... not to mention, several years ago, I had mistaken money transfer, I transferred the money to other person that I don't recognize. Amazingly, they settle it for me easily, in 2-3 days..

Good job BCA..

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