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Spine Pain

 recently I have my spine really hard and I say something lower its pain to my spine and I do my prayer my 5 time prayers and the Muslim male the pain going through to my spine it's hard for me.  I've been gone to the masseuse inside out better for just a while you did good job to my spine and my other muscle after 6 hours from the masseuse I want the play football, Forgot about 2 or 3 hours after I'm playing football I felt really hurts on my spine.

 I suspect my spine pain is because of my exercise activity because by now I'm overweight and I'm still doing such as football and Futsal like the old times, a few hours ago I realized that maybe I'm not it's not because of my exercise, maybe it's because of my orgonomic working habits I realize that my fable is so low when I get up from my chair I felt pain in my back Jolie my spine yeah.

 or I have another SAS back to my spine pain it is my habit that never drink milk I see no milk contain calcium calcium is good for your bones and I've never  rink Ratz not because I don't like it but my weight is older for the past few years and I minimize and keep the weight by not drinking any of milk Julius is not zero at all but when I Dream Lites a cappuccino that's a juice that contain sweet milk .

right now I'm suffering to my spine and looking for a solution I'm thinking to go to the therapist that specialize in athletic injury given you this aspect is not only my exercise bad I don't know you never know until we try through that to happen.

 to be honest it's already disturb my productivity my daily job and my daily tasks I need the solution immediately.

 oh yes I have my wife to do massage to my back and it didn't feel anything because maybe  she's not experienced masseuse but what you can do she walk on in my back and massage my back  using her heels and toe

=== corrected by ChatGPT:

Recently, I have been experiencing pain in my spine that has been particularly intense. I have tried to alleviate the pain by praying, going to the masseuse, and playing sports such as football and Futsal. However, I have noticed that the pain persists and has even worsened after certain activities. I suspect that my spine pain may be caused by my exercise routine and my overweight status, or it could be due to my poor ergonomic working habits. I have also realized that my posture is quite poor and when I stand up from a seated position, I feel pain in my back and spine. Another possibility could be that my diet, which lacks calcium-rich foods like milk, is contributing to the pain.

Currently, I am looking for a solution to my spine pain and I am considering visiting a therapist who specializes in treating athletic injuries, as I believe the pain may be caused by a combination of factors. This pain has been disruptive to my productivity at work and in my daily tasks, and I am looking for a solution immediately. I have also tried having my wife give me massages but it did not provide any relief. She walks on my back and massages it with her heels and toes, but she is not an experienced masseuse.

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