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The Dilemma of Discounts and Promotions in Business: Balancing Margins and Market Competition.

  I've been told from my friend that for sure and discount are toxic for any businesses.  wow I think this man is true telling in my experience boss discount and Forger keep decreasing our Prophet keep eating our margin and most of all keep eating our potential cash in Harriet that's the problem.

but on the other side in really competitive business world breast price is a must you can't avoid that oh, except you have a very very good products you have very very good brand and really really good franchise.  example for bad those kind of products come on let's say a table let's a Louis Vuitton sa BMW let's a Tesla. That's what I thought

  price war is inevitable as you can see on fmcg products let's say for cheaps there are no differentiation between one Chips to another the days were similar saw the differentiation between all of those on the price that's the thing.

 so jobling Building Products, giving not sovereign discount and Fulcher and keep our business on good margin good profit and good cash it's not easy to do at least for me. Not to mention that I need seven years to understand this kind of thinking.

so what should we do? So what's the solution is?  I don't know.

 what I know is I have to survive from this trap,  so even if I don't know how the solution is,  have to keep going and break the status quo by doing an Easter tg's that never done before.

 now I totally understand why newcomers always beat Johnny You Are The Champions because the newcomers they don't ever think about the business they just going through to any kind of tools they have on this contacts or these clowns and vultures.  we don't care about suffering margin or suffering prophet and they stay little can make money well.

== correction from ChatGPT is below: ==

I've been told by my friend that discounts and promotions are toxic for any business. In my experience, discounts and promotions can decrease our profits and margins and eat into our potential cash flow. On the other hand, in a highly competitive business world, price is often a necessity. This is especially true in industries where products are similar and differentiation is difficult, such as in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

It's not easy to maintain good margins, profits, and cash flow while also offering discounts and promotions. It took me seven years to understand this kind of thinking. The solution is not clear to me, but I believe that to survive in this industry, we have to find a way to break the status quo by doing something that has never been done before.

I understand now why newcomers in the industry often succeed where established businesses fail. Newcomers are not constrained by traditional ways of thinking and are willing to take risks in order to make money.

Overall, the article suggest that the writer found that discount and promotion could be harmful for the business in term of profit margin and cash flow, but in certain industry like FMCG where price is the most important differentiator it is hard to avoid and the writer is still looking for the solution. The Article also mentioned that new comers in the industry often succeed where established business fail.

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