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Monetizing My Skills as an Entrepreneur

 right now I'm looking for more ways to monetize in my time, to be honest my businesses in downtown in Revenue it's really cost me a lot for the past 6 months or maybe 5 months we suffer on negative cash flow and of course - profit or loss.

 even if I'm not very successful in business I got my MBA two years ago and I came from the good University ITB Bandung,  So I think I have some alleged that priests use enough for entrepreneurs on new person who want to get started to business does I'm trying to monetize my time.

 actually it's been done through my YouTube channel and in my blog but to be honest one more time the revenues from the channel is not satisfying me I only can get about three million rupiah in a month I think that so low.

 I have the results gentian in my mind let's say I am selling a course of business and then open computationexcept as a speaker offering for seminar Etc. But I saw only two chance chances that's the most possible for me to want to sizing my time.

 the first one I do collaborate with some Market intelligence of data for corporate finding secondary data Florida Market call Ma finding trending products in the world wide web but that company on reserved for corporate lion or be clients. So that kind of data can be used by small businesses and then with my experience reading on kind of those data it should be can be using by small businesses. Especially for a male finding trending products they can get the sail on Online Marketplace

 the second one just last night someone shared about opportunity for entrepreneurs or Founders to be a mentor  are small business or Starbucks and yes they do exhilarating small business and startup into the next stage but I was so only on oral stage for me is possible to make some business from zero to one from nothing to get Revenue but after get revenue and get profit to struggling with my own business nsoul that's the second best option for me I can do mentorship do any new B that's on to start a business Elliot


I am looking for ways to monetize my time because my business has been suffering from negative cash flow and lack of profits for the past five to six months. I have an MBA and believe that I have the knowledge and skills to be a successful entrepreneur. I have tried monetizing my time through my YouTube channel and blog, but the revenue from these efforts has not been enough. I am considering selling a business course or offering my services as a speaker or seminar leader, but I am also considering collaborating with a market intelligence company to provide data and market trends to small businesses. Another option that was recently presented to me is the opportunity to mentor small businesses and startups. Although I have experience taking a business from zero to profitability, I am currently struggling with my own business and feel that mentoring others may be the second-best option for me.

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