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Speaking Practice #32

Last night I went to futsal cold, I play with my college friends there was talk to people on that cold come on it was nice playing last night. But the thing is right now I have my back in pain coma I feel pain when I try to reach something underflow even when I go to the bathroom when I'm doing my stuff the pain is really attacking me.

 actually this back pain stops already commands in the past 3 months I think but now I can see there is something wrong with my back is it my spline or is it my baked bone or my what I don't know. obviously because it is the cure ring event on high back so I suspect something wrong.

 what should I do actually I don't know what, what came in my mind just I have to go to some traditional masseuse maybe they can fix my back pain also my knee pain but it didn't let me actually it's minor injury for me because I know it well okay this is pain maybe about two or three days after that I will get back Mike me normal so I don't really consider about it better

 again with my back pain I'm taking off my buddy right I'm reaching 89 kilos for this month and then I do my Futsal like usual I do run as strong as possible are you okay can I buy a strong as possible and then add to Clash I mean body Clash while. As usual but my body weight is not usual. so it just maybe because I am I will wait right now and then my  Bone can't be here anymore my  add body weight. so you can imagine that if you are throwing something 5 kilos into the floor You can see the moment they want to crash and I know you imagine 50 kilos of weight throw into the floor obviously it will be resolved the different crafts. That's who I am right now.

 okay that's it this voice to text color my iPhone silver all mistaken 80 yd I'm not sure if it my pronunciation is bad or this Google Docs engine is so bad parrot

 end down low I'm trying to beautifying this cost using chat DVD and then you can see how check if you can Enterprise my post

Corrected transcript:

Last night I went to play futsal with my college friends in the cold. It was nice playing, but now my back is in pain. It hurts when I try to reach for something low or even when I go to the bathroom. The pain has been attacking me for the past few months, and I suspect something is wrong with my spine or back bone, but I don't know for sure. I've been thinking about going to a traditional masseuse to see if they can fix the pain in my back and knee, but it's just a minor injury for me. I know it will go away in a couple of days. Despite the back pain, I've been playing futsal as usual and trying to run as strongly as possible, even though my body weight is not usual. I'm currently weighing 89 kilograms and sometimes have to body clash with other players. It's like if you imagine throwing a 5 kilogram object to the floor, and then imagine throwing a 50 kilogram object to the floor - the impact is much different. That's what it's like for me right now. 

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