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Speaking Practice #31

 In another instance I work with a minute in a company that acquired for my performance evaluation. However if it was inviting you had given a particular many go. He deserve a tree, he said but I had to give him away 1 which means super your end from today.

 what did you give him a warrant for I asked

 he get the numbers was his reply

 so why do you think we deserve a 3

 with the way he gets done eating a glass before he runs over them his troublemaker

 it sounds like he's totally focused on p on production. And that's what he's being rewarded for. But what would happen if you talk with him about the problem, if you help him understand that you cut yourself with your car?

 he said he had done so, with no effect. Then what if you set up a win-win contract with him where you worked agreed that 2/3 of its competition will come from from the numbers and the others 1/3 words come from he see how other people perceived him, what kind of leader, people get older, team Builder is?

 Now that's will get his attention, he replied

 so I'll send the problem is getting a system, not into people. If you put good people in bed this time she'll get better results you have to water the flowers you want to grow. I feel really learn to think win-win, they can set up the season 2 create a 10-day enforce it. They can turn into corporative ones and 10 powerful impact their effectiveness by building for tncc.

 in business, executive can align their system to create teams of Highly productive people working together to compete against external standard of performance. You need equation for more details and set up grading systems based on an individual's performance in the context of agreed a pound create area and can encourage students to cooperate in productive ways to help each other to learn and achieve.

 in families, parents can shift the focus from over the head with each other to call bration. Can I give it is such as bone link, for example, they can eat or family scroll and try to be the previous one. They can set up a time request responsibilities with wind we in agreement that eliminate constant nagging and enable parents to do two things only they can do.

 a friend once shared with me a cartoon with 10 of two children talking to each other. If mommy doesn't get us up soon, when was saying we're going to be late for school. This words brought forcibly to his attention the nature of the problems created when families are not organized on a responsible win-win basses.

 we will put the responsibility on the envelope for accomplishing spacing 5 results with clear guidelines and available resources. It makes a person accountable to perform an affair with a result and broke my 2020 Nitro result of performance. And win-win system create the environment which supports and report to win win performance agreements.


Text above are snippet from 7 Habits for Highly Effective People book that I read none page 244 this one is 25th anniversary version. when I reread the results of my voice to text while reading that book I found so many mistakes. I feel that Google Docs voice to text is not better then Google Keep voice to text.

 so I tried to copy that tags and then face it on  chatGPT,  then you can see the result of what the contacts I talk,  I found really not satisfying result. Here the result:

The text snippet appears to be discussing different ways that people can work together effectively in different settings, such as in business, families, and school. It mentions the concept of "win-win" agreements and the importance of setting up systems and responsibilities in order to achieve desired results. However, without more context it is difficult to provide a more detailed summary of the content of the text.

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