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Actually there is no such a Working From Home thing. Ok, during the pandemic of Covid-19, people were staying at home. But it doesn't need to be at home, does it? You can stay at your mom's house, your flat, your rent, hotel, or even cafe. Remember not all the cafe were close during pandemic. SO I think, better to call it WFA (working from anywhere) than WFH.

In the last 3 month, I think, I heard some of campaign that people should back to WFO, the notable one, this statement came from Elon Musk.

wow. what a person. Elon Musik, that seen as techy person, how come he doesn't agree about WFA anymore? since in the soft-technology area WFA was so common, even before pandemic

Elon is Elon, me is me..

For me, my self, WFA is the best option. I can work not just anywhere, but everywhere! because I am so mobile nowadays, especially to take my son to his school. After dropping my son at his school, I can choose wherever place that I want to open my laptop to work! Mostly Cafe of course. I feel there was no decreasing of my productivity...

For my team.. I have 4 people ful WFA, and the rest are WFO.

WFA can be done well when the task is so specific, and the target result also specific. Easy.

WFO, on the other side, is a must for whom doing production of retail. In my case, we are producing apparel.

So.. for me, I don't see WFO or WFA is overcome each other in any condition. So it should be analyze what kind of job, what kind of industry, then can be decided is WFO the best or WFA.

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