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Embun Latifa Maryam's Day

This morning, 09:38 AM, my daughter was born, came out from her mom's womb. What a experience watching you seeing the world for the first time, congratulation honey... You are so beautiful, the most gorgeous creature that I ever seen. Really..

I've seen your mouth just like your 1st brother, very similar. I've seen your leg like your 1st brother, very similar.

Thanks Allah, you gave us this kind of prosperity. Out of there, some are my friends, really difficult to get a child. For me n my wife, Allah gave us 3 children. Alhamdulillah.

Welcome to this world, Embun Latifa Maryam.. Cimahi, 06 January 2023 (13 Jumadal Akhirah 1444 H).

Someday you read this post, if I am still alive, please give me your lovely hug.. If we separated by distance, please give me a call... If I dead already, please do pray for me.

Love you

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