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Synergy in the Classroom

as a teacher I have come to believe that many truly great classes theater on very edge of Chaos. synergy test whether the church and students are really open to the principle of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

 there are times when neither the teacher nor the students knows for sure what's going to happen. in the beginning, there's a safe environment that enables people to be really open and to learn and to listen to each other's ideas. then comes brainstorming, where the spirit of evaluation is subordinated to the spirit of gravity, imagining, and intellectual networking. then and absolutely unusual phenomenon begins to take place. the entire class is transformed into the excitement of a new trust, a new idea a new Direction that's hard to divine, yes it's almost able to the people involved.

 Synergy is almost as if a group collectively agrees to subordinate all scripts and to write a new one.

 I never forget the university class I thought in leadership philosophy and style.  we were about 3 weeks into a semester when, in the middle of presentation, one person started to relate some very powerful personal experiences which were both emotional and insightful. the spirit of humility and reverence fell upon the class Reverend store this in the football and appreciation for his coverage.

 this Spirit became fertile soil for synergistic and creativity in the ever. others begin to pick up on it, share some there experiences and insight and even some of themself though. the spirit of trust and safety prompted many to become extremely open. rather than present what they prepared, they fed on each other's inside and ideas and started to create a whole new scenario as to what that glass called mean 

I was deeply involved in the process. in fact, I was almost mesmerized by it because it seems so magical and creative. and I found myself deadly loosening up my commitment to the structure of the class and sensing entirely new possibilities. it wasn't just a flight of fancy; rich don't send it by  fire the old structure and plan.

 we abandoned the old syllables, the protest textbooks and all the presentation plans, and we set up a new proposes and projects and assignment. we became so excited about what was happening that in about three more weeks, we all Sense on overwhelming desire to share what was happening with others.

 we decided to write a book on learning our learning and inside on the subject of our study principles of leadership. assignments will change, new projects undertaken, new things formed. people work much harder than they ever would have in the original class structure, and for an entirely different set of reasons.

 out of this experience emerge a unique, extremely cohesive, and synergistic culture that did not end with the semester. for years, I will be meetings will help my members of the class. even today many years later, when we see each other, we talk about it and often at them to describe what happened and why.

 one of the interesting things to me was how little time had elapsed before there was sufficient tries to create such synergy. I think it was largely because the people were relatively major. they were in the final semester of their senior year, and I think they wanted more than just another good classroom experience. they were hungry for something new and exciting, something that they could create that was truly meaningful. it was an idea whose time had come for the.

 in addition the chemistry was right. I felt that experiences Synergy was more powerful than talking about it, that producing something new was more meaningful than simply reading something old

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