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Ssynergy in Business

part of the 7th Habit book, Synergy section that generated by voice to text by me:

I enjoyed one particularly meaningful synergistic experience as I work it with my associates to create the corporate mission statement for our business. almost all members of the company went high up into mountain where surrounded by the magnificence of nature but we begin with the first draft of what some of us considered to be an excellent mission statement.

at first the communication was respectful, careful and predictable. but as we begin to talk about the various alternatives, possibilities and opportunities ahead, people become very open and authentic and simply started to think out loud. the mission statement agent I gave way to a collective free association, spontaneous piggybacking of ideas. people were genuinely advocate as well as courageous and removed from mutual respect and understanding to creative synergistic communication.

everyone could send it. it was exciting. it is major, we return to the past of putting the evolve collective vision into words, each of which contains specific and committed to meaning for each participant.

the resulting corporate mission statement reads

our mission is to empower people and organizations to significantly increase their performance capability in order to achieve worthwhile proposes true understanding and living principle centered leadership.

the synergistic process that led to the creation of our mission statement and grave it in the hearts and minds of everyone there, and it has their as well as a frame of reference of what we are about, as well as what we are not about.

another high level synergy experience took place when I accepted and invitation to serve as the resource and discussion catalyst at the annual planning meeting of large insurance company. several months ahead, I met with the committee responsible to prepare for the stage the two-day meeting which was to involve all the top executives. they inform me that the traditional patterns was to identify four or five major issues through question Mary's and interviews, and to have alternatives proposals presented by the executives. respectful exchanges, occasionally deteriorating in the defensive win lose ego battles. they were usually predictable, and creative and boring.

as I talk with the community members about the power of synergy, they could send its potential. with considerable trepidation commodity agreed to change the pattern. they requested various executives to prepare anonymous white paper on each of the high priority issues, and then ask all the executives to immerse themselves in these papers ahead of time in order to understand the issues and the differing points view. they were to come to the meeting prepare to listen rather than to present, prepare to create and synergize rather than to defend and protect.

we spend the first half day in the meeting teaching the principal and practicing the skills of habit for five and six. the rest of the time was spent in creative synergy.

the release of creative energy was incredible. excitement replace boredom. people became very open to each other's influence and generated you insights and options. by the end of the meeting and entirely new understanding of the nature of the central company challenge evolved. the white paper proposals became obsolete. differences were valued and transcended. a new common vision began to form.

once people have experience real synergy, they are never quite the same again. they know the possibility of having other such mind expanding adventures in the future.

often at times are made to recreate a particular synergistic experience, but they sell them can be done. however, be essential proposed behind creative work and be recaptured. like the far Eastern philosophy, quote we seek not to imitate the masters, rather we seek what they salt and good you seek not to intermed past creative synergistic experiences camarader we seek new ones around you and different and sometimes higher purposes

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